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Restaurant mobile marketing can propel your business into the 21st century by utilizing the latest mobile marketing strategies including mobile website design, mobile apps for restaurants and cell phone marketing. Our free mobile marketing training course will teach you exactly how to put together a Mobile Marketing Strategy for your restaurant in Dallas.

What are the BENEFITS of Mobile Marketing for Restaurants?

  • Customers will find your restaurant on line easier if you have a mobile website.
  • Utilizing cell phone marketing will let you reach your customers in real time especially on slow nights.
  • Increase business on your light evenings with a mobile marketing strategy that includes a mobile app.
  • Create special promotions for customers who show loyalty when they optin to your text message marketing campaign.

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What’s included in your Restaurant Mobile Marketing Training:

Training Video #1- Text Message Marketing – How to set up a Text Message Marketing Campaign in Dallas

  • Text Message Marketing basics explained
  • Why a restaurant needs cell phone marketing
  • Statistics about text message marketing
  • Ways to increase your subscribers for your cell phone campaign
  • Learn how easy it is to set up a text message marketing campaign for your restaurant

Training Video #2 Mobile Website Design

Mobile Websites is necessary for any kind of restaurant

  • Understanding the basics of a mobile website.
  • Learning how to make a mobile website for your restaurant.
  • The advantages of using mobile website design software for simple sites.
  • Creating a fully featured mobile website inexpensively using mobile website developers from around the world.


Mobile Apps Training Video #3

    • How a restaurant could benefit from a mobile app
    • How simple it is to create a mobile apps for a restaurant
    • Using on line software to create a powerful mobile app
    • Hiring mobile app developers quickly and inexpensively
    • Uses for a mobile app in your restaurant mobile marketing campaign

Listen to these testimonials from restaurant owners who use mobile marketing!

“I saw my business nearly double just six weeks after starting a text message campaign” ”
Ron D Fort Worth, TX

“I can quickly find out if a special I am offering will be well received by sending a quick text message to all my patrons”
Joseph H Dallas, TX

“My customers love using my mobile website to set up reservations on busy nights” ”
Laura F Fort Worth TX


Still not convinced? Just take a look at some of the examples how restaurants are taking advantage of the power of mobile marketing

  • Sending out a special promotion on slow nights will fill empty seats and increase your bottom line revenue
  • With restaurant mobile marketing many restaurants in Dallas can test offers to see which ones are well received
  • Combining cell phone marketing in other forms of advertising will greatly enhance all of your advertising efforts.

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